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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zoey 101

I got an email from a ETSY friend who had made a previous order from me.

She had a rush order for a birthday this weekend.

She is a great gal, so I didn't mind working overtime to get it done for her.

It was a bracelet for her niece, Zoey.  She is in middle school and sounds like a great gal.

Her initial obviously is a Z, so the cute sleepy Z z z z z's were a perfect fit.  But according to Zoey's aunt, she loves to sleep, so this little charm has a double meaning.
Her favorite Friday and Saturday night activity is roller skating!  How fun!  Sounds like the old weekend nights of the 80's.
She loves Aerosmith, too, so I added an album cover from the band.

Zoey is from Kentucky, so I found an old voting button from the 60's. 
I hear she goes nowhere without her Starbucks, so I attached a cute little coffee cup from the monster chain.
Sophie is her tiny little dog, so what better way to represent her than with a tiny little picture of her?
It's Zoey's favorite pic.

The signature scrabble letter monogram, anchors the charm bracelet.
The picture of Zoey is another one of her favorites.

Her drink of choice?  Why, Mountain Dew of course.  Nothing better than a shot of caffeine!
I found this tiny Zoey charm and I placed it by one of her favorite horror movies, Friday the 13th!

Zoey is a fan of Junk Food, so I found the vintage t-shirt logo JUNK FOOD.
Her school mascot is a bulldog.  GO BULLDOGS!!

Again, another fun project for one of new friends from ETSY.

And a great idea from a very cool aunt!

Enjoy, Zoey!