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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sister Charm Bracelet

This bracelet was ordered off my ETSY site.

My client ordered it for her sister.  What a thoughtful gift.  Sometimes sisters are hard to shop for.  You feel like you know them so well, there really shouldn't be a problem getting them something they want, right?
Well, kind of.  You know them well, and know what they want or need, but you also want to get them something unique.  Something that shows how well you know them, but not just anyone could get it for them. 

That's why these charm bracelets are a great idea.

Her sister cooks, so the copper pan is a perfect touch.  She really wanted to note their sister "friendship", so  I added this sister charm.  On the back is a cute quote about sisters.  The copper bird on a limb is in reference to her love of nature.

She also likes to bake.  Who doesn't?  So I found this tiny muffin pan from a dollhouse shop.  We found out her favorite author and then selected the cutest book she wrote.  Her little girl's picture fit perfectly in this round silver photo charm.

The single scrabble tile charm fits the bracelets much better than my usual double scrabble letters in a bookplate.  I like the silver square pendant.  Her little boy rounds out the picture on the opposite side of his sister.

I LOVE these vintage license plates!  She is from Illinois, so I found one from 1965.  Too cute.  The copper butterfly ties in the copper pot and bird.  She truly enjoys gardening, so the vintage seed packets, one side roses, the other side peas, were very representative.

This bracelet was a gift for her 40th birthday, so I had to note the number 40.  Their favorite concert?  Why, Sting, of course.  I added her favorite Sting Album to celebrate that memory.

What a great sister to capture all these great things about her sister and slap it on a bracelet for her to wear every day.

Makes me want to make one for my sister.

After I finish the rest of my orders.

And feed my kids.

And go to four soccer games this weekend.  And a baseball tournament.  And a football game.

Actually, I think I am going to go take a nap.