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Friday, September 24, 2010

Cute Mommy necklace from the Pioneer Woman Posting

This ETSY customer is a mom of twins!!  WHEW!!!  I can only imagine!

She also works full time and so does her husband.  Plus they do lots of outdoor stuff.  Which is really cool!  But I can only imagine how hectic her life is.  Which is why I couldn't wait to tackle her project.

She loves Chicago, and since my in laws live there, I was familiar with a lot of the landmarks there.  But the cutest Chicago landmark for a charm is the Chicago Theater.  I love all the bright colors. 
Look at the two cuties next to the Chicago charm.  A little boy and a little girl.  Super sweet!

Her hubby is a doctor, so I used the typical stethoscope to represent his career.  She said he loves his job, and look how cute they are.  They are out on a boat in this picture.

A vintage "K" block signifies the initial of the little boy, as well as this teeny baby in a blue diaper.  There he is starting to walk, in the tiny photo charm next to the baby.

She loves to cook, which is why she was on the Pioneer Woman website to begin with.
The green patina bookplate gives good color to her initials on scrabble pieces.
They live in California, so I included the vintage California license plate.

This is the little girl section  of the necklace.  A tiny photo charm sitting next to the pink-diapered baby. 
Her initial is "V", so I figured an old baby block charm was perfect.

The twins look ready for a Christmas card in this photo!
And I added a boat charm, since they love to be out on the water.
She has a love of turquoise, so I found this intricately designed turquoise stone to represent this love.

Some people think every mom runs around in sweat pants, all disheveled and covered in cheerios.  And that actually may well be.  At least for some time, anyway.

But, at some point, all us moms want to get dressed up and go out on the town.

I hope this mom of twins gets all sassed up and  throws on this charm necklace to take her hubby out for the evening. 

It definitely is a conversation piece.

And hey, if she wants to wear it with sweatpants, and peel a few cheerios off it at the end of the day, who am I to judge?