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Monday, March 28, 2011

type drawers

i think i mentioned my obsession with type drawers before.

i have posted some great ideas i found on the internet.

recently, i found this cute typedrawer:

which led me to this website:

check it out!

it has cute ideas for altered art and also some collage sheets available for purchase.

get your creative juices flowing!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

trip to disney

sorry i haven't written in a while.

i was knee-deep in vacation planning!

we went to disney for spring break this year.

my goodness, it was an experience.

between gut-wrenching rides, hour-long lines, and people wearing mouse ears, we really did enjoy our vacation.

will post more when i sort through all the pictures!!

until then, i will leave you with this picture of our favorite ride:

in case you don't recognize it or haven't had the thrill of riding it, its called splash mountain and it is crazy!

and no, thats not us on the boat......

more soon.......


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

explore the magic

i came across these images recently.

i have always been obsessed with disney. 

all things disney.

and now, all things vintage disney.

before there were cell phones, computers, facebook, twitter and blogs, the every family would send postcards when they were on vacation.

i miss those days.

these postcards were from walt disney world and i can remember like yesterday sending one like this to my mom when i went to visit relatives in california.

just brings back memories of a child's view of disneyworld.

such precious memories.

to see more, visit

they have great things to reminisce about!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 cute blogs

y'all, i stumbled across another darling blog.

actually, two darling blogs.

first things first:  free pretty things for you  is super cute and if you follow her, she will send you an email a day with precious vintage things she finds that you might be able to use.

try it out:

next, on this very same blog, she showed the cutest apron ever made.  and its made out of....

pillow cases!

here is a pic:

isn't that unique?  her blog is called my vintage mending.

here is the link:

check out both of these too cute blogs today!!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

new design

just changed the design on my blog.

what do you think?

i also added a couple of gadgets on the right hand side as you scroll down underneath my brood.

i love to know what happened today in history.

so i added a "today in history" gadget.

i also have this silly curiosity to know whose birthday it is today.

i'm sure you can put together which gadget i added to quench that desire.

check out my new gadgets.  and my new design.

have fun!