It's all fun and games, til someone puts an eye out......

Friday, September 17, 2010


I love ladybugs.

I hear they bring you good luck.

My grandmother loved ladybugs.

I think of her when I see them.

Tiny T loves ladybugs.

Ladybugs love Tiny T.

Every once in a while, he will bring in a bug or two. Sometimes he brings in gecko lizards.  If he can catch them, that is.  One time he caught a june bug.  He tends to avoid wasps, bees and spiders.  But everything else is fair game.  I have learned to live with it.  There is something about  boys and bugs.

He often catches ladybugs, brings them in to show everyone, then lets them go outside.  He never wants to release them.  Oh, don't get me wrong, he never means them harm, he just wants to collect them.  We discuss their families waiting for them, and their need for fresh air.  Finally, he gives in, but it is always a production. 

This particular ladybug was different.  It was the biggest one I have ever seen.  And FAST!!  I couldn't even snap the picture, he was running up Tiny T's arm so fast.  He didn't seem to mind playing inside the house.  Like he was on a mini vacation.  A ladybug getaway.

And I don't know why I keep calling it a him.  I mean, its a "lady" bug for goodness sakes!!
Anyway, he/she clung to Tiny T's hand, his arm, his shirt, our pool table.  He was not discriminatory.

And he never fell off.  Those clingy little legs stuck to everything.  In fact, when we put him on our pool table, we couldn't get him off for about 5 minutes.

But all good things must come to an end.

And so, we let him/her go.

Maybe she will bring us some good luck!