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Friday, September 3, 2010

Texas Necklace

I love making jewelry.  Especially for my ETSY clients.  They are each so unique and interesting.

This order was for a charm necklace from a Texas gal!!  Yee hah!  I love Texas gals!!  Did I mention I am a Texas gal?

She is a true Texan, so I knew making her necklace was going to be fun!

She sent me a ton of pictures to work with.  I love that.  I am of the mindset that you can't have enough pictures.  Or shoes.  Or closets.  I digress.
The first photo charm was one of her family.  They should definitely hang this one over their mantle. 
The next one was a close up of her too cute dog, Uno.  She loves her dog. 
So I found this ironic charm that says "My heart belongs to Uno" and this is very true of her, as you can see in the next photo charm of her with Uno himself.

Of course, I had to throw in a miniature Uno card charm beside another picture of Uno.  It's only fitting.
The vintage Texas license plate was another fun find.  It looks very old school Texas truck. 
Don't worry, Uno doesn't drive.

The horseshoe is something I like to put on all my pieces.  I think everyone needs good luck.  That, or good food.  Either one is fine.
The scrabble tiles of her initials were embedded in an old patina bookplate. 
The tiny enamel Texas charm is representative of all people in Texas.  We love the shape of our state.  And the Texas flag.  You see it everywhere here.

She and her husband love to travel and this was a photo of them on an exotic trip. 
Her hubby was originally from NY, so I had to put in a NYC subway token. 
The vintage Hawaii poster charm celebrated their love of the islands.

They were married at Sea Island, GA, so a tiny map of the island was added. 
Her family owns a Christmas tree farm (How cool is that?), so she sent me a picture, and I created this charm. 
Corona made her favorites list, so I threw a Corona in there.  (No, I didn't really throw a beer bottle.) 
The last charm is a photo that she took herself.  It was a really beautiful photo of a tree, and she really has talent!

This was another fun project.  From one Texas gal to another!!

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?