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Monday, September 27, 2010

My True Blood Encounter

I love True Blood. 

I became obsessed over a year ago, when I was given a set of Charlaine Harris books by my aunt.  I read all seven of them in a heart beat.  Its how I spent that summer.

Fortunately it was the second season of True Blood, the coordinating show on HBO.  I had not even seen one episode of the first season, when I saw one episode of Season 2.

I was hooked.  I remembered alot of the info from the books and it really was put into the TV show.

I rented all of season 1 and watched it religiously.

Then, I watched season 2.  Its the only reason I have HBO.

I have cancelled it and will order it again next June when True Blood starts again.

One of my favorite characters on the show is Jason.  Played by Ryan Kwanten.

He is truly delicious.  And he is an Aussie.  Too cute.

Steamy.  Oh boy.  And popular.  They even have a paper doll after his character.

I would love to play with this paper doll.

I digress.  Anyway, I was at the airport Friday picking up the hubby from a trip.  I took Tiny T with me and we were doing the usual people watching, waiting for dad to get there.

I told him offhand to watch for stars, as they frequent Austin to come to all the festivals held here.  I never thought we would see anyone, just knew that he was getting bored and needed something to keep him occupied.

Low and behold, coming down the escalator, I spotted someone.  And I couldn't just stand up and give it another look.  Oh no, I had to follow the poor guy down the escalator.

And sure enough, at the bottom of the stairs, was my favorite True Blood Star, Ryan Kwanten.  I wouldn't have believed it, but his limo driver was waiting for him with a sign saying "Fantastic Fest", which is a movie festival here in Austin that showcases new Horror and Sci Fi films.

I had read that the guy that plays Eric Northman was here last year, so I knew that meant it was Jason Stackhouse.  Here in Austin.

And I am a weanie, so I didn't want to follow him out to his limo, asking for a picture. 

But it was my lucky day, and he sauntered back in the baggage claim, just beckoning me over.  hee hee.

I did go over and asked for a pic.  With his cute aussie accent, he said "sure" and I had my hubby take it with my phone.

Oh, did I forget to mention my hubby got in?  Yeah, he was there.  Ready to take the picture for me.

Here is what he took:


Yep.  That is what I got stuck with.  You can only imagine my disappointment.  Oh, heck, who am I kidding?  I put my hubby on the next plane to Siberia.  Yes I did.

But cute little Tiny T, seeing his mother's disappointment, ran outside to the curb side parking, found the guy, and told him our plight. And could he please take another picture for his mother?  Such a nice guy, he said sure again and this is what Tiny T came out with:

Moral of the story:

When coming across a movie star in an airport, never ask your husband to snap the shot.  Give the camera to an eight year old.  Especially if it is of a hot guy. 

It will always be better.