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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life Journey Charm Bracelet

This tiny bracelet is a take on a regular charm bracelet.  I was commissioned by another ETSY client  to make it for her five year old granddaughter.  I call it a Life Journey Charm Bracelet.

I call it this because you can capture each memory by collecting a variety of charms that make you think of that specific time in your life.

Because she is tiny, I used many small silver charms.  Using the character sketch given to me by her grandmother, I began collecting memories.

Many tiny pictures were used:  One of her brother, along side a brother/sister hand-in-hand charm.  She loves horses, so I framed a tiny picture of her horse.  A galloping silver horse accompanied the photo.  Of course, I also included a picture of her.  All five year olds like to look at themselves!!

I attached many small memories too:  a lighthouse, starfish, and sanddollar, all recalling beach memories. 

A tiny hat and boot pay tribute to her horse riding.  She calls her grandmother Ya Ya, and they play scrabble together, so in one charm, I captured the word Ya Ya, and on the other side.....

Her tiny monogram on a mini scrabble tile.
She loves Disney, so an enamel Cinderella was fitting.

She also has a black lab, whose picture is flanked by a tiny dog charm, and a tiny cat charm recognizing her cat.  Although the dog and cat charm were placed beside each other on this bracelet, I don't recommend this close proximity in real life......

This client also wanted her gift to be versatile, so we added an extender so it could be a necklace too. Many of these charms were found online and I was amazed at all the new charms, silver and gold, they have come up with!

I was also inspired to drag out my own silver charm bracelet and reminisce over each and every charm and at what point in my life I was at when I added them.  It also made me think of adding more!

Although this little girl has only had five years of memories to reflect on, she will have many more in the future.  And thanks to her grandmother, she will be able to memorialize each event by adding a charm onto her own Life Journey Charm Bracelet!