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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who Says Bronze Always Finishes Third?

I am really into charms.

I love bracelets.  And more recently, necklaces. 

Once I started getting really into the charm necklaces, I made this one for myself. 

It is made a bronzy-coppery color.  The first charm on the left is a tiny bronze schooner.  Super tiny.

There are charms of my youngest two:  Tiny T and the Bull.  I found this cool copper charm of a buffalo that I love because it reminds me of Woolaroc.  I LOVE this copper cuckoo clock.  It has so much detail.

I had to do my initials, out of scrabble pieces, and I enclosed them in a copper bookplate.

The bird on a limb is the same charm I put on my Mom's necklace.  And there is Big A.  What a cutie.  I put a copper tea cup.  I don't drink tea.  But I liked the cup.  I guess it could be a coffee cup.  I definitely drink coffee.  Every morning.  Can't live without it.

The copper butterfly is sweet and I love the tree of life.  But the cutest charm on this necklace is the copper telephone.  It has a working rotary.  Not really working, but it spins.  Cute.

I like the chunky chain on this necklace.  It really makes the copper pop.  You can find it on my ETSY site. 

If you're looking.

It's something different.

I like different sometimes.

Don't tell my kids.  It will really mess up my schedule.