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Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Alot of my posts talk about my obsessions.  They are not really obsessions.  Just things I love, or have loved in the past.

When I was a child, in the 70's, type drawers were all the rage.

My grandmother had one.  It was above her living room couch.  It held all her memories and trinkets that she had picked up along her life journey.  I remember bakelite dice, a tiny metal train, a porcelain doll with a tiny diaper, a mini toy pistol, and a vintage bracelet. 

In a type drawer, all the openings are no bigger than a couple of inches, which means everything held in it must be tiny, or miniature.

Everyone decorated their type drawers in ways that reflected their personalities.

Many times, the items included are souvenirs picked up during travels, etc.

Back in the day, some companies made an entire business out of making miniatures.  Many were dollhouse companies.

There was even a store in Tulsa, where we used to shop, that sold only tiny things. Made just for type drawers. It has since closed, but Et Cetera holds a place in my heart!

I found one of these old type drawers at an antique shop recently.  I have big plans of making it 100% personal to me.

I found some great ideas online that are completely different from the type drawers of the past.

This one is more like a scrapbook, with pictures and paper memorabilia glued in the type drawer.

This one has been turned into a table!!!  It looks like an old sewing machine table.  All the trinkets are placed inside the type drawer and then covered with glass.  Too cute!

This one looks like two type drawers put together filled to the brim with ephemera.  Not sure if this is a table or could be hung on the wall.  Either way, it is very unique!

This is not a type drawer, but I LOVED this idea.  It is a take on actual type letters, turned into mini chest of drawers. 

This vintage ephemera type drawer is probably more along the lines of what I will do with mine.  I love all the old bottles, signs, and keys.  Vintage dolls, thimbles, and watch parts also look cool!

I have to show something that always makes me think of my type drawer as a child.

She is a tiny mouse.  About four inches tall.  And creepily, she is made with some sort of real fur.  Mouse fur?

She has this petite red nose and tiny plastic black beads for eyes.

And this precious dotted swiss dress and matching hat.  Look at the sweet flowers on her hat!

I think the cutest thing is the furry tail.  Ya'll, I am serious, it looks like real fur.  And it is balding.  Weird.

No mice were hurt in the making of this post.  PETA please don't call me!  I have had this since I was a child and I cannot vouch for its origin!

(My husband is so creeped out by this tiny mouse, I am quite certain it is the first piece that will go in my type drawer!)

If you have an old type drawer, dust it off, take it out of the attic and fill it with treasures! 

It really is a conversation piece. 

Plus, your kids will love rummaging through all your old memories. 

You will too.