It's all fun and games, til someone puts an eye out......

Friday, May 6, 2011

house with three boys

as i looked around my house today, staring at piles of laundry, dirt stains on the carpet, sticky spots on the tiles and a kitchen pantry full of food, i pondered thoughts of  what my house would look like with three girls, instead of three boys.  now don't get me wrong, i love my boys, but there really are so many things that would be different if my house were occupied by the opposite sex.

here is what i imagine:

-large closets full of shoes, handbags, tons of clothing, accessories, and such.

there are large closets all right, but they have clothes all over the place, on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling, never folded.  and accessories are loose socks that never seem to have a mate.

- bathrooms full of hair product, beauty items and all things that make you smell good.

currently, i have to force them into showers every day, although i will say that deoderant is now a daily part of our routine.  and hair gel is starting to make an appearance every now and then.

-three kids bedrooms with beds that are made up with pottery barn bedskirts and comforters, in addition to wonderful bedframes.

the fact that the bull has a sleigh bed and big a has a four poster bed, is thanks to hand me downs. even tiny t, who used to have a small bed, inherited a queen size from my brother in law.  my boys do not even notice they are there, would sleep on a mattress on the floor and would probably prefer it. very much unlike girls.

-white walls and clean carpets. 

let me explain:

    we actually have white walls in this house.  but they are not white anymore.  handprints, scuff marks, they never stood a chance.  we never noticed this malady while in our previous house, as every wall in our house was painted a different color, thanks to my sister in law:  red pool table room, orange kitchen, beige dining room, brown bathroom, green living room, dark green kids room, light blue nursery, brown master bedroom, purple bathroom, light blue attic, you get the picture.  i guess we had every color in the rainbow!  we never noticed all the ugly dirt, because the walls weren't white.  so, when we finally have a house with white walls, they don't actually stay white. i imagine they would be white if there were three girls living here.....

and i can't even start talking about the white carpets with all the dirt stains i keep trying to get out.  i had wood floors before, so carpet is a new venture for me.  i should probably get stock in a carpet cleaning business.....

-lots of pink things.

as it is, we have everything very dark.  very masculine.  the way they like it.  not that i didn't pick everything out, but dark orange patterned couches would have never been picked, unless i was thinking what kind of smudges and stains the fabric would hide.  so thoughts of the boys were ever present when picking them out.

-a bed that is not used as a trampoline.

when we moved to texas, our big purchase was a tempurpedic bed.  i had always wanted it and needed it for my back.  little did i know that it would be used as the world's best trampoline by my boys.  there is a patched hole behind the pillow headboards to prove it.  the bull doing a front flip.  thanks.
would girls do this?

-an empty pool table.

ok, so the fact that i put my clean laundry piles on my pool table in my front room has nothing to do with the sex of my children.  i just thought i would throw that in.

-a room free of sports equipment.

ok, so technically, those sports items in the front room could belong to girls too, but 8 soccer balls, 3 footballs, bags of baseballs, multiple soccer bags, mouth guards, ball pumps, uniforms, and other various equipment is a bit extreme and could only belong to boys.  along with all the dirt that goes with it.

-no dirt ring on my bathtub.

they do have their own bathroom upstairs, but they love the separate shower and huge tub in MY bathroom.  so, they use it.  and leave dirt rings around it.  i would think girls would be happy to have their OWN bathroom.

-something other than ESPN on the TV.

every morning watching ESPN has its perks.  i now know everything i ever needed to know about every sport.  sad thing is:  i don't really want to know it all.  i would be much happier watching every reality show there is.  or every soap opera.  alas, boys don't really like those shows, so my tvs are generally tuned to sports related shows.

i love my boys, please don't take this post the wrong way.  but every once in a while, i dream of someone making jewelry with me, crafting, scrapbooking and just doing girlie things with me.

and then, i realize i am late to soccer practice.  or a football game.  or batting practice.

you get the picture.......

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

no posts lately

i am sorry i haven't posted in a while. 

its not that things are NOT going on, really. 

they are.

there is soccer, baseball, football, more soccer, school, jewelry, banquets, field trips, extreme couponing, real housewives, grocery shopping, laundry, more laundry, birthdays, and oh so much more!

and because so many things are going on, i just don't have the time to write like i used to.

and when my husband is out of town, i am lucky i even have time to shower!

so bear with me and keep looking for better posts!

they are coming, i promise!