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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sooners #1

We love the Oklahoma Sooners. 

We are "sooner born and sooner bred, and when we die, we'll be sooner dead".

RAH Oklahoma!

Ok, enough cheering.  My whole family went to OU.  My kids think they are going to OU.  And during football season, we can never find enough Sooners regalia. 

Can there ever be enough?

Not in our house.

So, I made a charm bracelet.

Big surprise.

I collected all the things that made me think of the University of Oklahoma, and threw it on a bracelet/necklace.

Ok, since it is football season, and OU is a big football school, I might have gone heavy on the football memorabilia.  Guilty as charged.

You can't talk about the Sooners without talking first about a schooner.   It is all over the place in Norman, Oklahoma, and very representative in this bracelet.
The shape of the state of Oklahoma also looked incredibly unique, as well as the blue of the Oklahoma state flag.  I always thought our state flag was the prettiest.
The tiny football cleat charm is really for Homecoming bouquets, but I love it on this bracelet.

Again, scavenging the Homecoming aisle at Michaels craft store, I found this cute plastic helmet and I glued the interlocking O and U to the top.

The University of Oklahoma seal and a copy of an OU class ring, were just some of the unique finds I made while researching the university.

I found a red bookplate to put my traditional OU scrabble letters in.  These bookplates are really better suited to a necklace, since they are quite a bit bigger than the other charms.  But hey, at OU, its "go big, or go home" so I didn't really mind.

A vintage 1978 Oklahoma license plate in red is nestled by a vintage Oklahoma felt banner.  Its funny they have an indian head on the banner.  Not sure they could get away with that these days. 
I had to throw in a plastic football, just for kicks.  No pun intended.

Keeping with the vintage theme, I found an old "Greetings from Oklahoma" postcard.
The Oklahoma Sooners scoreboard is something all too familiar from the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

If you have never been to a home football game at this stadium, it really is a sight to see.  The sea of crimson and cream is absolutely breathtaking.

This was such a "near and dear to my heart"  bracelet for me to make.  It's cool because it can be made for any team.  Any college.  Or pro.  Or kid's teams.  Anything. 

I plan on wearing it every Saturday come game time!

I might even wear it all the time. 

Out in the open.

In front of Longhorn fans.....