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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Football Season

Well, football season has started.

I know this not only because my DVR is packed with college football games missed while playing soccer, or because the pantry is stocked with sodas and chips, but because the Bull had his first football game. 

Not his first football game ever, but his first Middle School football game.

He has been practicing since the first day of school.  Half asleep, he drudges out the door at 6:30 every morning, for a 2 1/2 hour practice.

Every day.  It takes alot of committment on his part.  And I give him a ton of credit.

He makes straight A's, plays goalie on his select soccer team, plays football every day, and still has time for hanging out with his buddies.  Can you tell I am proud of him?  He is a good boy.

And handsome.  Did I mention that?  Part of middle school football on game day is dressing up. These boys are required by their coaches to come to school on game days as if they were going to a job interview.

It is too cute.

Like the socks??

We were rushing, so I got a shot while he was brushing his teeth.  Hey, I'll take what I can get.

Even while he was tying his shoes.  I know, I'm pathetic.  I'm a Mom.

At this point, he was ready for me to stop.  Can you tell by his face?

The game was an "Away" game, so I gathered up my crew and headed over to one of the other middle schools.  We paid our $3 and grabbed some bleacher.  Yes, it costs now to attend middle school games.  $3 for adults and $1 for students.  That's nothing compared to the concession stands.  Drinks are $2 and a piece of pizza is $3.  So, I took my "big purse" and loaded it full of goodies.

I know.  I'm cheap.  Actually, I prefer the term "frugal".  At any given middle school game, I could shell out $20 between the three boys, so a little advanced preparation was necessary.  And cost effective.  A few bottles of water, a couple of granola bars, and a bag of lollipops goes a long way at these sporting events.

Here is my boy at kick off.  He is number 63.  Second from the left.  Can't you tell he is ready?  And excited?

Back to the sideline while the offense did their job.  This was one of those rare moments the Bull took off his helmet.  He said he likes to keep it on so he can run out as soon as the coach calls him.  Oh, and they call him.  When I first got to the game, and was trying to take my seat, I heard the coach call "Balla!!" and I turned around to see who needed me.  "They weren't calling you, ya goofball" said my good friend sitting with me.  "They are talking to your kid!!"  Of course.  I knew that.

Lining up for the first defensive play of the game.  The Bull plays strong defensive tackle.  I hope no one asks me what that means.  I have no idea.  I think it means he tackles someone.  Don't quote me on that.

Although he is hidden in this picture, the Bull is making his tackle.  And the kid he was up against was huge.  Seriously, I almost asked him for his birth certificate.  Or his latest report card.  I came close to asking him for his driver's license.

Lining up for another down.  Hey, how did I know that term??  I might get the hang of this game after all.

Just a good shot of his jersey number.  Not much happening here.  I just liked the picture.

Congratulating each other after a play.  How do they understand each other with those awful mouth pieces in?

End of the game, the Bull is in front of #39 anticipating a play.  Our defense was crucial in shutting the other team out, so they were chomping at the bit to get out on the field.

"Good game",  Shaking hands with the other team after the game.  We won 16-0, so it was the beginning of a great season! 

Go Wildcats!!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Bull had the support of both his brothers.  There is Big A in the green and Tiny T is to his left in the baseball hat.  Big A even brought a few of his friends. 

And if you think they weren't watching the game, then you should have been there on the car ride home for the Monday morning quarterbacking.  Big A gave the Bull an earful. 

Everything he did wrong. 

Everything he could do better.

What a supportive big brother..........