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Friday, October 1, 2010

School Spirit

I never thought I would be one of those moms.

You know the ones.  Wearing 43 items in team colors to support their child's school during sporting events.

Everything blinged out, hats, shirts, earrings, etc.

Well, I am one.  But I have a new subtle way to express my rah rah spirit.

I am a mother of boys, after all.  Have to be subtle.

I don't want to embarass them.

Actually, I do.

But that's another story.

I made another bracelet.  A school spirit bracelet.

My middle son plays for a green and gold football team, called the Wildcats.  Funny, it reminds me of our high school in Bartlesville America.


The Col-High Wildcats.  Only they were black and gold.

The green and gold high school team in Bartlesville was called the Sooner Spartans.  BOO!!!!

I started off with a tiny goal post charm.  It is charming.
The Wildcat banner is very old school.
We all have to pay to go to the games, so I had to include a tiny yellow ticket, as well as the actual football field.  Just in case you don't know what one looks like.

The black rubber football shoe is one of my favorites. 
I used a tiny picture of the middle school. It is a brand new school, so the campus is gorgeous.
The vintage yellow megaphone is remniscient of the cheerleaders in the old days.  When were the old days?
The green jersey is their home jersey and I found a fierce green wildcat as an emblem to go on the front.

The green poker chip is perfect because everyone knows that a football game is always a gamble.
I found a Wildcat poster that I felt I needed to include.  It shows the colors really well.
The brown old school football is a perfect charm.  It is usually used for the Homecoming Mums.

Every good football game is only good because of the scoreboard.  Without a score, who would care?
A yellow goal post brings out some more of the minor color of yellow.
I had to include a rusty texas star.  Its only fitting.

The truly ferocious wildcat face, is one that pops up all over the school.
The gold helmet rounds the whole necklace out.  You can't play football without a helmet.  Well, actually, you can, but you might owe your local ER some serious money afterwards.

I wish someone had something like this when I was a cheerleader.  Even just earrings, or anything cute and personal.  Not the cheesy stuff we used to see back in the day.

But back in the day, would I have worn these charm bracelets or necklaces?  Or thought they were cheesy?
I am sure I would have loved them.  Let's leave it at that.

Keep watching for my post on the high school neckace I made for Big A's high school...........