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Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Memoriam

Yesterday was the 9th anniversary (if you want to call it that) of September 11, 2001.
Everyone remembers where they were that day.
I remember every moment as if it were yesterday.

Luckily, two years earlier, I was able to tour the World Trade Center with my family, and have wonderful memories and pictures there.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 started like any normal morning for me.  At 7:15 am I had dropped off my oldest son, then in 1st grade, off to his elementary school.  My then youngest son and I went home to enjoy our morning cereal and Barney.  Back then, my mornings ran very slowly, as I was entering my final month of my third pregnancy.  With only 5 weeks left, I was feeling bulky and lethargic, with two energetic boys, 3 1/2  and 6 years.

After breakfast, about 8:30, my youngest son and I, moved the party upstairs, so I could take a bath, to ease my aching back, while he watched his show on the TV in his room connected to the bathroom.
At around 8:48, I heard the phone ring, once, then a few more times, but I was enjoying my bath and was not about the get out to get a phone call from any solicitor.

Finally, at about 9 am, I lumbered out of the tub, put on some comfy clothes, and went downstairs to listen to my messages.  Of course, the Bull was on my heels.  Before I could even press the Play button on my answering machine, the phone rang again.  It was my mother. 

"Heidi, where have you been?  I have been calling you a million times!!  Turn on the news!"

That is when I saw the devastation.

Our elementary school recommended an early pick up of our children that morning.  I picked up my oldest, and brought him home, where I walked around in a fog for the rest of the day, much like the rest of the nation.

I do remember having a scheduled play date that day, trying not to obsess or watch the news too much, as to not scare the children.  (At their age, they still had no idea what was going on)

I remember getting the much anticipated call from my husband, who was in London, not knowing if he was going to be able to get home, since all the planes were grounded.  (He was able to get home two days later, safe and sound).

I remember not being able to sleep, even though I was ridicuolously tired from the pregnancy, not knowing what kind of future my children would have, fearing possible acts of terrorism.  (my youngest son, Tiny T, was born two weeks early, three weeks after 9-11-01)

I remember thinking about all these families of victims and how awful it must have been to watch the events unfold, not knowing what would happen to their loved ones.  Watching this all happen live on the news must have been heart breaking.

I remember the following weeks after the disaster as well:
Driving by the commuter parking lots for the trains from Connecticut to NYC, still full of cars that would never be claimed. 
Taking the train into Grand Central Station and seeing all the "Have you Seen...." signs posted all over the place, for families looking for survivors.

The entire event was horrific.  And the people who survived it were true heroes of an act so unforgiveable.

I will always remember that day.  I will remember what I was thinking and the exact events, minute by minute, as they happened.  It is probably one of the most vivid memories I have.  And I can recount it as if it were yesterday. 

I just wanted to memorialize it, here today, in my blog.