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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two for One

I am constantly attending sporting events for my kids. 

Three boys, three soccer teams. Additionally:

1 Football team
1 Baseball team
3 Basketball teams coming up

And this is just this fall.  Whew!!!  Spring brings flowers.  And more sports.  Goodness.

Anyway, there are always shirts and hats, and various items for the parents to wear.  I love these things.

But sometimes I don't feel like its enough.  I just want a little something personal.  Special.

So, I created a bracelet that can be worn with anything

This bracelet is for my older son, since his games started first.  And I had a friend who took some great photos of him.  And, he is very easy to define.

It is just perfect to wear to every soccer game.  The colors are a great match with his team.

It is filled with every one of my son's favorite soccer things.

You can't play soccer without a "pitch" or soccer field.  This tiny one was super cute.  And the Adidas ball used in the 2010 World Cup is his favorite soccer ball.  (for now....)  In between the two things you need for every World Cup soccer game, is the one thing they all play for:  the Gold World Cup trophy.

Big A plays for the Lonestar Soccer Club.  One of their logos is flanked by two mini pictures of my son in an actual soccer game.  These are the pictures taken by my friend.  She is like this super amateur photographer.

His ideal number, ALWAYS, is the number 10.  He has had this number as long as I can remember.  I also threw in a charm of him in his white uniform, just to spice things up a bit.

I had to include our last name.  Balla is what every person my son ever encounters, calls him.  Seriously.  Coaches, teachers, friends, friends' parents.  Everyone.  He had a friend spend the night on Saturday night and when I asked him where my son was, he actually said "Oh, Balla is upstairs getting something".  As if that was my son's name.  And furthermore, as if that were NOT my last name.  Silly boys.

The new Lonestar Soccer Club logo is the one he likes best.  I threw in a Nike shoe, which is the only one he likes to buy.  And last but not least, the newest PS3 soccer game:  FIFA 10.  He plays it all the time.

This is a cool way I can show my son that I support him. That I like what he does and want to cheer him on. 

But the real reason I love this bracelet is for its diversity. 

If I really want to show it off, put it front and center, I simply attach this cool chain:

And it becomes a neckace.  A necklace!!  Isn't that cool?

A bracelet and a necklace in one! 
Two for one!!!
I love two for ones.

I plan on making one of these for each of my boys. 

Craft room, here I come............