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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friend from Pioneer Woman Posting

I have made a new friend. 

One of the requests from a follower of the Pioneer Woman's blog was just so much dang fun!

This particular client made a request soon after my necklace posted on the Pioneer Woman's site.  We exchanged emails back and forth, talked about the weather, and little by little, I got to know her.

She reads my blog, makes cute comments, and I enjoy hearing from her.

She requested a custom-made bracelet, and this is what I sent her:

She gave me so much information about herself, I really feel like I know her!  She was very detailed.

I had so much information about her, there was no way to include it all in a bracelet.  I had enough charm ideas to make a necklace!  Alas, she ordered a bracelet, so I made my choices and pressed on....

She loves hearts, so I included this Betsy Johnson-esque black heart charm.  She sent me an additional email after her original biography telling me that she loves pizza.  So, this cute little pizza charm was a must!

The next charm was a photo charm of her dog.  They are best buds!  Since she is a teacher, I included this vintage ruler charm.  I like it because it is longer than the others and kind of gives it a vintage feel.
The husband/wife charm pays tribute to her incredible marriage with her best friend.

The photo charm beside the marriage charm is her hubby.  She loves this picture of him.  She is also keen to peace signs, so I threw in a peace symbol.  Funny to put it by her husband, since peace is so crucial in any successful marriage!

Her initials in scrabble piece form are hanging in a patina bookplate.  She also fancies her cowboy hat, which hangs neatly  by her monogram.

The two photo charms, one of her son, plus the one of her son's dog, are bookends to her favorite drink, Cherry Coke.

She has a horse, which is represented by the silver horse charm.  She also is a pretty darn good photographer, having taken this picture of her horse.  The Kodak film charm hangs nicely beside her photo.

I hope you enjoyed this window into a friend's life.  She is such a great gal that she volunteered her bracelet to showcase on my blog and I appreciate it!!

I hope she likes her bracelet too.  More than likely she will see this post before she receives her bracelet, so I hope it meets her approval!

More to come.........