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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

I am going through many emotions right now.

Today was the first day of school.

After 12 weeks of summer.  With three boys.  In 107 degree weather.

You get the picture.

 Happiness is one of the feelings I have.  Happiness that the summer is over.   Happiness that the boys get to see their friends every day and even make new friends.  Happiness that they won't be here all day fighting over who gets to play the PS3, the Wii, or the computer.  Happiness that they will be getting back on a schedule.

I am also feeling apprehension.  Apprehension for my oldest, who is starting his freshman year in High School.  Remembering the butterflies in my own stomach when I entered high school for the first time.  Apprehension for my middle son, who, as a "middle" child is entering "middle" school and is in his "middle" year (7th grade).  And apprehension for my youngest, who is entering third grade, and after checking out his classroom yesterday, noticed he is surrounded by many kids he has had in classes before.  Every year the kids get shuffled in various classes, so third grade is when they come around full circle.  So, he has mostly familiar faces in his class.  I guess I should say I feel apprehensive for his teacher......

Sadness is my last feeling.  Watching them leave this morning was bittersweet.  Although summer has been busy and crazy, and I have waited for this day, it was still odd sending them off to school.  As I dropped them at the school doors and bus stops, I remembered a simpler time.  A time when our biggest worry was what board game we were going to play first.  What book we were going to read.  A time surrounded by diapers, naptimes, and trips to the children's museums.  It just makes me sad knowing they are growing up. 

So I took a few pictures to remember the moment.

Here is Tiny T. 

He was the first to leave for school, as the elementary schools start the earliest.

He picked out his clothes very carefully the night before.


And specifically packed his brown corduroy backpack with first day school supplies.

I watched him walk out to the car with such unabandoned excitement.  Children have such a fun, simple way of thinking.

I even snapped this one last shot as he got out of the car.  Its as if he is saying "Mom!!! C'mon!!"

And here is the Bull. 

He tried to fight the first day of school pictures.  He should know better.  I will snap pictures from any angle.  Even him walking away. 

He also picked out his clothes the night before. It seems like just a simple t shirt and shorts.

But in middle school, you try to wear cool t shirts, without "trying" to look cool.  And with ahletics every day, these kinds of shorts are rarely worn.

He is still excited to go to school, but he really doesn't want me to know it.

And here is my high schooler.  Big A.

He had no intentions of letting me take his picture.  When I forced him, this is what I got.

Now that he is a freshman, posing for pictures is just not on his social calendar.  But take note of the small smile that he will still give his mom.

They are all so precious to me and I remember their faces at different stages of their lives as if it were yesterday.  But having these pictures capture the moments perfectly.

It gives me just one more emotion.