It's all fun and games, til someone puts an eye out......

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The next order I had was from someone who had seen my charm necklace on The Pioneer Woman website.

It was a take on the original charm necklace, only this client wanted a bracelet to give as a gift.

She emailed me from my ETSY site detailing her friend's likes, interests, hobbies, family, pets, etc.  By the time I was finished, I felt I knew her friend myself.

Her friend liked to sew, so I threw on a tiny silver sewing machine.  Right next to the cute little plastic horse.  My client's friend had a horse farm.  She was also a nurse, so I included the symbol for nursing.

Also on the charm bracelet was the same copper pot I used on the Pioneer Woman's necklace.  Most of her website followers like to cook, so I knew this charm would be a popular one!  I also added a bit of turquoise to keep the country feel.

I used the same scrabble tiles in her initials, surrounded by a vintage bookplate.  I created a green patina on the surface to give it an old garden feel.  I also added a coral piece to offset the turquoise charm.

Her son was in the vintage picture charm, sitting right next to a charm of a handstitched cat.  She loves cats.  She has an interest in Australia, whether it was kangaroos, or koalas, so I dug up a charm of the flag of Australia in the actual shape of Australia.  Oh, and don't forget the horse shoe for good luck!

The entire bracelet was a silver charm chain with a suede string threaded through it.

I have already heard back from this client that she loved the bracelet and plans on ordering more!!

It is so fun to get to know these people and all their interests.  I feel like they are my friends now!

More jewelry to come.........