It's all fun and games, til someone puts an eye out......

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My whole family went to Houston this weekend for a soccer tournament. 

Both my older boys have the same soccer coach in their soccer club, so both teams went with their coach to Houston to play in the Houston Rush Cup.

Houston in August.  Texas in August.  Anywhere in August. 


But I love to watch my boys play soccer.  I have Big A, who plays midfield.  And the Bull plays goalie.  Its just fun.

But not in 104 degree weather.  In one of the hottest cities in Texas.  And humid.  Very humid.

Last weekend statistics:

Temperature:  High:  104.4°F
                         Low:  78.3°F
Humidity:         91.0%

Feels like:        140°F

Have you ever been in 91% humidity?  You can actually EAT the air.  Seriously.
And like at any good soccer game, there is the sun factor.  If you are not familiar with the sun factor, come watch a soccer game on the sideline. 
We like to protect our children, so the team finds the shadiest sideline to camp out on. 
And the parents/spectators must sit on the opposite side. 
The side facing the sun.  Heavy on the sunblock.  And sunglasses.
And I love my sunglasses.  They are big.  They are full of shade for my face.  They are a necessity in Texas.
So, of course they were right there with me on the sidelines at the soccer games this weekend.
Poor guys.  They had no idea what was in store for them.  And I am not just talking about the sun beating down on them.
They took one for the team.  Literally.
Let me explain.
I was sitting in my chair on the sidelines enjoying my coffee.  I know.  I know.  Coffee in 104 degrees.  But it was going to be a long day, and I needed energy.  If you can imagine, it was so hot there, the coffee was actually colder than the air. 
The Bull's game had just begun and I received a text from my husband about Big A's game.  I looked down to read the text and that's when it happened.
It felt like someone reached over and punched the side of my face.  I immediately looked at the woman next to me, before I realized what had happened.  All I could think of was, "What did I say to offend her?"
But really, I was just in the right place at the right time.
A kid on the Bull's team was trying to save the ball from going out of bounds, and instead kicked the ball into the sidelines, right into the side of my face.
The next sequence of events was swift and severe.
The impact of the ball immediately ceased my texting, threw my coffee all over the front of my shirt, and flipped my beloved sunglasses to the ground.
I picked them up and inspected them.  This is what I found.
The left piece was blown right off the glasses.  Gone.
They became a monacle.  I wore them for the rest of the game without one side.  At least they were able to hide me from the sun.  And from the embarassment of being beaten up by a soccer ball.
The final piece came off in my purse on the way home from the game.

And here is Tiny T making fun of me and imagining how I was able to watch the game with these sunglasses.
By the way, if you are wondering about my texting during the game, I did finally send the text to my husband about the "incident".  I waited for him to ask "Are you hurt?"  Knowing that my answer would be "Only my ego."  But he didn't ask me that question.
"What's the score?"  he asked.  Hmm.  Thanks for the sympathy.
I might have been dealt more symathy if this had been the first time this had happened........
Alas, it is not my first rodeo. 
Which is why I buy $10 sunglasses.