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Monday, October 18, 2010

Xochitl's Necklace

I made this necklace for my sister's sister in law.

She is such a great gal and works her butt off!!!

Did I mention she turned 40?  Oh, and she doesn't look it.  At all.

She loves black, so I put a cute black stone rose charm. 
She has 3 darling children, so the three eggs in a nest charm was perfect.
A vintage bingo chip was super cute, but the 40 on it, signifying her 40 years was even better.

This little vintage ticket added some charm.  And the copper teapot did a little of the same.
The subway number 3 was again in reference to her children.

The tiny dollhouse bread pan denotes her love for baking and cooking.
The BEAUTY charm siginifes her unbelievable beauty.
I loved this regal red charm.
And the dinner bell is hysterical.  Especially since she is always cooking.
Did I mention she runs her own catering company?

The X scrabble tile is for her beautiful name "Xochitl".
The tiny Texas charm is for where she was raised most of her life and still lives.

I love the fancy turquoise floral charm. 
The wishbone, as always, is for luck.

The tiny muffin tin, again, for her baking.  She makes the best tres leches cake I have ever had.
She loves NY.  Her mom lives in NY and she visits every once in a while.
The copper pan for her cooking and her delicious food.

This vintage button charm again has her favorite color black.
The copper tree of life.  She has such a neat extended family.  And her brother was one of my favorites.
The red velvet bead is for her sassiness. 
And the horseshoe for luck.  Not that she needs it.

Xochitl is a wonderful person and does so much for so many people.

So, when I heard her 40th was coming up, I wanted to create something as special as she is.

I hope she loves it.