It's all fun and games, til someone puts an eye out......

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boys Love Bugs

Another order from an ETSY customer:

She was a fellow scrapbooker and mom to two young whipper snappers.

I started with some vintage photo charms.  That is her family and also her little boy.  He loves the color purple, so I "charmed" a purple crayon, since Crayola coined the word "purple".  Fun idea.

He also loves bugs!  Gross!!  There is the little bugger now!

Like I mentioned, she scrapbooks, so I found this tiny vintage scrapbook. And while she is scrapbooking, she drinks her daily coffee, so the copper coffee pot was definitely fitting.

The ole initals in a bookplate........

And her cutie patootie little girl.  She loves baths and red popsicles.  For her mother's sake, I hope she enjoys them at the same time!

Farmer's markets take up her every Saturday, and they make it a family experience.  But I couldn't leave out her hubby, who loves Chevy's and owns a vintage Chevelle.   I must say this key is one of my all time favorite charms.  A couple more vintage photo charms and we are all done!

Well, I should say, "I" am all done.

My client is just beginning.  By wearing this necklace.

I hope she enjoys it!!