It's all fun and games, til someone puts an eye out......

Monday, November 22, 2010


Monopoly is a necessary evil of every person's childhood.

Everyone loves it.

Everyone hates it.

It is so much fun spending someone else's fake money.

The game lasts FOREVER!!!

I loved it as a child.  I didn't usually win, that honor was always bestowed upon my cousin Ralph.  I think it was only because he could stay up longer than anyone.  All the rest of us passed out and he just kept playing!

I'm kidding.  He was just the most tenacious, brutal player I have ever met.  He wheeled and dealed and welched and belched.  He was good.

Well, my kids love Monopoly.

And they don't have just the original Monopoly anymore.


They have Family Guy Monopoly:


And my kids LOVE Family Guy.

They also have sports Monopoly games.  Like Sooneropoly:


Of course we own this one.

They even have The Christmas Story Monopoly:


They even have the tiny leg lamp!!

My favorite, of course, because I am old school, is the vintage, original Monopoly:


They put out a reproduction a few years back with this same game box.  To die for if you are a collector.

Its not just the game anymore, that people love.  There are so many things you can do with Monopoly paraphenalia.

Check out this cute notebook with the covers made out of a Monopoly board:


Or this altered cigar box made into a Monopoly purse:

Isn't that the cutest??

My favorite, right now, however, is my own creation.  Yes, I guess I'm biased!  A Monopoly charm bracelet.

Tell me what you think......

It is a must have for every Monopoly lover!

It has everything from the Monopoly game:

It has every denomination of play money in the game:  the white $1 and the pink $5.
It also has the infamous "get out of jail free" card.  That CHANCE card was coveted during our games as children.

The delicious FREE PARKING space on the board was also a favorite, especially since we put all our money in there for everything!!  I am sure that broke many of the rules, but we loved it!
The yellow $10 bill that used to buy so much....
The tiny green house that cost $18 in rent if you landed on someone's space.

The green $20 bill and the blue $50 bill flank the actual tiny Monopoly board.  It is about  a one inch square!

Collecting the $200 salary was also glorious, as well as the tiny dice and the gold $100 bill.

Everyone wanted to buy Boardwalk and it was always a race around the board to see who could get it first.  We didn't care if we spend our last dime on it, $400 never seemed like too much!
The electric gold $500 bill was few and far between, as were the tiny green hotels.

SIDEBAR:  If you are a true Monopoly player, yes, I know the hotels were red.  But they were way too big to fit on this bracelet, so I found one in another Monopoly game that was green.

Sue me.

If you find you love Monopoly as much as I do, please visit my ETSY site and purchase this collectible bracelet.

It is $40 and well worth it.  Heck, if you don't feel like wearing it out and about, you can let your Barbie dolls play with it.