It's all fun and games, til someone puts an eye out......

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy Bee

I am sorry I am not posting often.

Not really even every other day.  I hate it.

I love writing about all my comings and goings.  Even if it is of no interest to anyone but me.

It is cathartic.

Did I mention I was the kid that always had a diary?

I have just been so busy that I have no time for my own personal fun. 

My Nana used to call that being a "Busy Bee".  I always loved that term.

Last week I posted my schedule each day.

Here is my new schedule:

Make Jewelry
Tote kids all over the world

That's it!!

Now, you will notice that I didn't say anything about eating.

I guess I don't eat anymore.

I have lost over 100 pounds.

Just kidding.

I eat.  And shower.  Occasionally.

See you after the holidays!

(Just kidding!)