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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Golden Book Bracelet

I love Golden Books.

I mean, really love Golden Books.

I go to the Goodwill, Assistance League Thrift Shop, Salvation Army, and our local Half Price Books looking for old ones.

I have no idea why I want them so badly.

I am obsessed.

So, it is fitting that I made a bracelet with some mini golden books.

Call me crazy.

Actually, don't call me crazy.  It hurts my feelings.  Mainly because I already know.

Here is my obsession bracelet.  BEWARE!!  The cute factor is super high!

It has a variety of old Golden Books that I have made teeny tiny so I can wear them around my wrist.

I started with the Three Bears.  I can remember reading this when I was little.
And I LOVE Uncle Remus.  I love Brer Rabbit so much and silly Brer Bear and Brer Fox.
And you can't talk about Little Golden Books without talking about Sam the Firehouse Cat.  The image alone brings back so many memories.

Oh, Sam, you are so cute!
I adore the We Help Mommy and We Help Daddy  books.  They are so sweet and very 1950's.
The original cover of Frosty the Snowman also evokes strong memories of my childhood Christmases.  I love his coal eyes in this book.

And because I am so narcisistic, I had to include the Heidi Golden Book.  No, not really.   I just remember that cover so vividly when I was a child.
And it wouldn't be a Golden Book bracelet without the Pokey Little Puppy.  He really is the King of the Golden Books.

I love this bracelet and can think of a million different combinations of Golden Books.  I have tons of them.

It will soon be on my ETSY site, selling for $35, so if you know anyone that wants to order one, please send them to my ETSY site at

It is a custom order, so it will take time, but it also means I will take requests for a variety of your favorites Little Golden Books.

Also, keep watching for my Monopoly bracelet.  Another one of my obsessions......