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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hostess Cake

No, its not a cake given to the hostess of a party.

Its the cake I made Big A for his birthday.

He is not into traditional. 

Thankfully for him, neither am I.

I saw it in the Food Network Magazine.  Only theirs was for a wedding.  And it was all pink and brown.  And all the cakes were unwrapped.  And there were about 100 more than this.

So, ok, it wasn't really like theirs.  It was my own silly version.

I used alot of fun hostess cakes that I have not eaten in years. 


I gained about 5 pounds making it.

Here was my list:

snowballs, pink and green
swiss rolls
yellow and chocolate cakes
devil dogs

I created a tower of old bowls and platters.  I hot glued them together.  Don't worry, the hot glue came right off when the cake was devoured.)  I hot glued each wrapped treat onto the tower. 

I actually did it all on his birthday morning, while having coffee with my mom and her husband.  I even topped it with a card.

It was super easy.

My son loved it.

And so did his friends.

You can do it too.

Make it for your next event.  It is easy, inexpensive and definitely a show stopper.

And a tummy filler......