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Friday, January 14, 2011

what my hair looks like now

ok, so originally, i was a blonde.

well, not really ORIGINALLY.  unless, you are counting, when i was a kid.

when i say "originally", i actually mean, the color my hair has been the longest.

so, originally, i was a blonde. 

then, back in october, i got crazy, and went for some sort of reddish/brown shade.  it was much darker than i actually wanted.  but i liked it.

then, the inevitable happened.

if you have ever had red color infused in your hair, then you know too that it fades.

usually, one would frown on this type of behavior.

but i didn't.  i actually like it. 

here is what it looks like now.

its kind of red, still, with blonde highlights.  i guess one would call that "strawberry blonde".

i like it.

let me know what you think.