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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

vintage handkerchiefs

my next obsession:

vintage handkerchiefs.  i have always loved them.  dishtowels, handkerchiefs, aprons.  i love them all.

but i especially love how you spell handkerchiefs, as opposed to saying it.

try it.  spelling first:

hand  ker  chiefs

now say it:

hank  r  chiffs

just funny, the english language.  no wonder its so hard for people to master it.  

i digress.

i found some cute handkerchiefs on a darling website i thought i would share:

they are definitely not for blowing your nose!

more of the frameable type.

i especially love the state handkerchiefs.


oklahoma is OK!

and check out this sooner state version:


there's tons of states there.  and in a bevy of colors.

here's texas:


but they don't just have handkerchiefs on this site.  there are christmas decorations (my fave), jewelry, household items, etc.

you can order online and they are in kentucky.

here are a few more states:


go check out this super cute website!

and if you know any other great sites for hanky's, let this ole southern gal know!