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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

name brand bag

i had to share this find!

i had to take my car to the local tire place, which happens to be next to a nail salon (got my nails did!)  and also a goodwill.

i had time to kill, so i perused the aisles with no intent to buy.  just wanted to have something to do instead of sit and stare at tires!

i went through the books first.  they always have a ton of good titles there.

just so happens that the purses are hanging directly to the right of the bookshelves, and i almost passed them by.

glad i didn't.

i saw this doozie peeking from the back of the rack, hiding there.

let me preface this by telling you, that usually, the "brand name" items are displayed in glass cases at the front of local goodwills. this is definitely one of goodwill's greatest money making ideas:

auctioning the high end items off, so they are able to make even more money on them.  every saturday morning there is some great stuff being auctioned off!


i usually don't attend the auctions, mainly because they are on saturday mornings, and as you know, my saturdays are filled with sports. 

but i pulled one over on goodwill yesterday! 

this name brand bag must have slipped through the cracks.

it has the greatest black and beige plaid pattern.

here is a close up of the basket weave.

and i loved the pattern before i even knew the brand. 

but the brand name was the bonus!

it was on both of the black leather straps.  and if i had any doubt....

the name was stamped boldly on the inside pocket!

such a great find and the price was truly right! 

wait for it.......


for a cole haan purse!!

so if you think you can't find a great name for a great price, then you just haven't been looking!

stop by your local thrift store or goodwill and see whats waiting for you!

happy shopping!