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Monday, January 17, 2011

happy martin luther king jr day

for most people, holidays are good and bad.  they are really an oxymoron and can be somewhat bittersweet.

some people see this day as the final day of a long weekend with rowdy children and what will they do with them today?  this picture seem familiar?

others see it as a day where all the weekend trash piles up in the bin waiting for the next trash day, only it won't be today, because its a holiday.  rats!

still others see it as the day they rush to the mailbox to see if their long awaited package has arrived, only to be shunned by the postman, since he is off today.  remember, its a holiday.

but martin luther king jr day really is more than a holiday.   its a remembrance of a crazy but important time, and if you get a chance to go on the history channel at any time today, you can really buff up on your civil rights knowledge.

go online and read the "i have a dream speech" and see some of the vintage photos.

i think everyone should know about it.  and even if you think you know about it, you probably don't know as much as you should.

we will be watching at least one documentary on it today.

and thats all the politics i will talk about........

peace out.....