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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

vintage license plates......tiny

i made a pretty cool bracelet not too long ago.

it pays homage once again to my love of all things miniature.

vintage license plates.

in bracelet form.

check it out:

these are all tiny license plates and every one of them are vintage.

i found a ton of them, for every state.  but of course i had to highlight my faves, south carolina and connecticut, to name a few.

hey, its the oklahoma license plate.  imagine that.......

these last ones i threw on there for the colors alone.  very vibrant and colorful!

and if you were wondering what was on the other side, MORE PLATES!  and not the same ones, either.  i used 36 completely different plates.  for variety purposes.

this was such a fun bracelet to make.  i put it on my etsy site.

if you collect vintage items, this is a perfect bracelet for you........