It's all fun and games, til someone puts an eye out......

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

game board bracelet

i haven't shown one of my projects in a while. 

thought i would share my bracelet made of tiny game boards.

it has been quite popular.

i just sold one to someone in london.

london, we have a problem.

wait, thats houston.......

this cold weather has frozen my brain.

this bracelet pays homage to my obsession of all things miniature:

it is made with tiny versions of some of my favorite board games

the original candyland board game, with the neopolitan floats and giant gumdrops.

monopoly, which is not really one of my favorite board games, it makes me crazy, but was a necessary evil for this project.
the parcheesi game had a nostalgic, vintage look to it, but technically, i like the game sorry so much better.

chinese checkers was the sole round game here and officially, is not a board, more of a "tin", but off the record, i threw it in!
and of course, i couldn't forget clue, which is one of the single-most frustrating board games ever.  i mean, really.  all the creepy old people with colors for last names.  weird.

ah, good ole twister.  wait.  twister wasn't a board game, was it?  unless you count the actual spinner, which was made of cardboard........
and one of my faves, scrabble, finishes off this bracelet.

this bracelet was so fun to make, even more fun to wear.  the comments i get are hysterical.

this bracelet is on my etsy site:

come by and check it out!