It's all fun and games, til someone puts an eye out......

Monday, December 6, 2010


iust a quick post to show the boys profiles.

i have loved silhouettes since i was a kid.  always got one at disneyland when i went to visit my cousins in california
so, I decided to make one of the boys.

getting the picture was the hardest part.

i tried to search through my recent pictures to see if i could just find one of each of them without having to solicit a posed shot.

i had none.  i mean, not one!

so, i took a picture from the same angle of each of my darling children.  i say the word darling because each of them made a selection of faces and poses.  just enough to make me scream and settle for their best shot!

this is what i came up with:

            tiny t                                              the bull                                   big a

and here are the silhouettes i made from these pictures:

         Custom Silhouette Necklaces

i made them into a necklace that i wear all the time. 

everytime i look at these pendants, i can see my children's faces.  frozen in time.  i love them.

the pendants, i mean.

of course i love my children.  that's a given.

i love them so much, i am selling them on my etsy site.

the pendants, i mean.

not my children, silly.  they are definitely NOT for sale.

check them out:

i can make a silhouette of anything. 

seriously, anything.  well, just about anything.

your dog?  sure.

cat?  absolutely.

your house?  most likely.

i haven't done a house yet, but that's not to say i wouldn't try!

let me know what you think......