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Saturday, December 4, 2010

darling girl

i haven't posted a custom piece of jewelry in a while.

mainly because i have had so many orders that i just haven't had time!

that's a good thing!

this necklace i made for a mom who wanted her 11 year old daughter to know how special she was.

super cute mom.

and this girl is very special

she is only 11 and does so many wonderful things.

she likes to bake with her mom, so i included the muffin tin.
she also does  bike marathon every year to benefit the boys and girls club.  can you imagine?  an 11 year old riding a bike in a charity marathon.  super impressive.
she also does irish dancing.  you know the one.  where they wear the traditional regalia and move their feet as if independent of their bodies?  riverdance.  so difficult and so awe inspiring!

i also threw in this cute tiny rolling pin i found.  its actually a button!
her dog is very important to her, as are most animals to their owners.  his name is buster.  and i added this silver dog charm as well.

she loves all things irish, so i couldn't make this necklace without the irish flag.  and she is a big sister (little brother's picture to come).
did i mention she is only 11?

here she is in her dance dress.  the details are stupendous!
her inital in a scrabble letter.  my signature!
and there she is with her darling little brother.  they look like such good friends.  of course, i know pictures always capture your best side.......

she is a kentucky girl and she loves to paint.  so i found this teeny painters pallette and put it right beside one of her very own paintings, in a tiny charm form!

the artist's easel with the rudimentary drawings etched into it was a little childish, but you get the picture.  literally.
her name is so cute, i love to add a name charm to every piece.  and i found this other irish step dancing charm that looked like it was made out of wood.

another nod to the irish step dancing, which plays a big part in her life is place right beside a cool converse high top shoe.  she is a normal little girl, after all.
and last but not least, the daughter charm, representing who she is to her mother.

its very sweet.

i love this piece.  not because i made it.  but because a mother had to think of all the things her daughter means to her.  and at the same time, find all the things her daughter finds important. 

and trust me, those two things don't always equal!  i think this mom did a great job.  i am sure her daughter will save this forever.  like a mini scrapbook around her neck!