It's all fun and games, til someone puts an eye out......

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wait a minute!!


that was my first post? no cute kid story? nothing? no, actually, i have tons of cute kid stories, some are unpublishable, but i do have a funny one about my middle son, we call him The Bull.

well, The Bull was at a friend's house the other day. it happened to have snowed that day. in Texas. one time. he was at his friend's house and they were throwing snowballs at cars. not the greatest idea. but who knew in texas i would have to warn my kids of all the rules pertaining to snowballs? not me.

so they threw a snowball at a passing car. of course, they hit the car with the lady that had to throw the car in reverse and come teach them a lesson. the Bull hid himself in the garage and waited. he heard the lady calling him to come out and he figured he would wait her out. a whole minute. do you know how long a minute is in sweaty, layered, snow-covered coats and mittens and hats? well, according to the Bull, it is about half an hour. the lady didn't mind. she waited. she had a lesson she had to teach.

finally, the Bull slunk around the corner of the garage and hoped for the best. no such thing. she was there waiting in the car with the $100,000 question: "Do you have anything to say to me?" the Bull answered, sheepishly, "Sorry?" he breathed a heavy sigh, thinking he got off pretty easy. not good enough for the lady. "Anything else?" the Bull pondered. what else could she want? a car wash? a tip? a snow man? no, that couldn't be it. but the Bull was definitely irritated by having to think with all that garb on. so he did what any good-natured, sweaty, normal kid would do. he put on his best eastern-european accent and said "It will not happen again."

you had to hear the accent. it was priceless. i don't know if the lady got the sarcasm, but the Brazilian Boy (my hubby) and i were hysterical with laughter.

moral to the story: don't mess with the Bull, you will definitely get the horns......