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Thursday, March 11, 2010

s & h green stamps, anyone?

ok, so alot of mornings, i make a trip to my local library. i am sure i should be reading books, but mostly i peruse the internet looking for free images to use for my crafting. i love vintage pictures and artwork and there is so much online. but alot of them have copyright rules, etc.

anyway, i came across this group of ephemera (vintage paper/pictures) and thought i would share.
does anyone remember the days of the green stamps? S & H Green stamps?? well, we had a corner grocery store in bartlesville called Landers. some of you remember it, i am sure. we went at least once a week, got fresh cuts of meat from Mr. Wilkie and Mr. Cotton. (my sister and i used to go by the meat section and touch the cow gross!)

and when you were checking out, you got a certain amount of green stamps depending on how much you spent.
first of all, she and i thought those were named after us since they used our initials (s & h), silly girls!
but nana used to let us have all her green stamps, as long as we pasted them in the books. she would set up a card table for us and give us a wet kitchen sponge so we could wet the stamps and glue them in the books. then we could go to the s & h store and get prizes. it was super cool!

remember the episode of the brady bunch where the kids all saved their green stamps and shopped at the store, only they couldn't decide on a sewing machine for the girls or i forget what for the boys? so they decided on a tv for the whole family?? wasn't that cute? well, it wasn't really like that for us. we were all girls and we got dolls, etc with our stamps. ha ha brady family. we win!

anyway, right click on the pic i am putting on here and you can print some green stamps out for your own posterity! have fun....