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Friday, July 23, 2010

Charming on Pioneer Woman

WOW!!! I made one of my hodge podge charm necklaces for my sis to take to one of her friends. Her friend happens to be the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. I knew Ree growing up in Bartlesville, but had no idea how popular her blog was.
Til I created the necklace.......
I kept looking at her posting, just admiring the gorgeous photos she shot of my work. I had to actually squint my eyes and get up close to the computer to make sure it was mine. Not that it didn't look like my necklace.

Oh, it looked like my necklace. I remembered making it. My sis said she wanted to give her a cool gift, when she hung out there for a weekend with high school girlfriends.
I made my sis a charm necklace for her 40th birthday, so we figured Ree would love one. Well, she not only loved it, she featured it on her Home and Garden section of her blog! With glorious photos, to boot.

13 million hits a month. That's how many she gets on
I had no idea of the fallout..............

Needless to say, many of those readers wanted a necklace just like the one posted.
I was not prepared. I was on vacation. I was enjoying life.
I had to open an ETSY shop!

The flood gates opened the day of the post. I have received more orders than I can fill in two weeks and I am up this very morning at 2 am looking for special charms, for special gals. All who want the Pioneer Woman necklace.
Isn't that unbelieveable?
If you have not seen all the shots of the necklace, check out my ETSY at:

I had a great time making Ree's necklace and I have many more where that came from!!
Thanks, Pioneer Woman!