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Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Town

for some reason, i have been nostalgic lately.

i have been collecting vintage items, looking at old pictures, reminiscing about times past.

thats when i ran across a brochure from my old home town.

bartlesville, oklahoma

sometimes known as "the ville"

only to bartians.

it is such a cute little town.  old buildings, new buildings, kind of like pleasantville.

so i went online and couldn't believe the sites about this place of my childhood.

it is amazing what people know about a town and thank goodness they put it all online for us all to share.

i decided to share with you what i made to commemorate my little home town.

i like to call it "our town" and it is the first of a collection of bracelets i am going to make to pay homage to some great "towns"

it is a collection of buildings and memories that make me think of bartlesville.

they are all connected with tiny silver jump rings and extend to about 8 inches.

one of the downtown phillips buildings was my first choice.  it really reminds me of my mom working downtown.  the front doors to the woolaroc museum are iconic to anyone who has visited the ville.

frank lloyd wright built this cool building smack dab in downtown, called the price tower.  truly an architecture wonder.  and i found this cute emblem of bartlesville to center the bracelet off.
old nellie was the oil well that started off phillips petroleum company, which was synonymous with what made bartlesville what it is today.

the old county courthouse has such great memories for me.  we used to go to haunted houses there every halloween.  plus, i drove by it every day on my way to the art gallery i worked at in high school.  and i couldn't have made a bartlesville bracelet without adding a phillips 66 logo.  i know it is conoco phillips now, but this logo was all over bartlesville and it just feels like home.

i am planning on an austin bracelet soon and can really make any hometown.

this bracelet will be on my etsy site today if you are interested.

wonder what it would look like if i added a picture of col-hi?

it might make a great reunion conversation piece...........